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About us

On 29-12-1938 G. Suppers started with the foundation for the current taxi company Suppers in Oss. 

After the war his son Jan Suppers came to help with the company, later Jan took over the company from his father. For years Jan lead the company. He did this together with his wife Annie Suppers- van Dijk from their home at the Duivenstraat in Oss. The company was growning fast and the Duivenstraat became too small. They build a beautiful building in the Berghemseweg together with a gas station. But it didn’t stop there. They also build a ambulance service.  

Different brothers of Jan worked at the taxi company, but most of them went their own way. The only one who stayed was Tini Suppers. He worked as a mechanic, centralist and petrol pump operator. The son of Tini, George Suppers, has succeeded his father and has been working for more then 40 years to date as a loyal taxi driver at taxi company Suppers. 

In 1980 the son of Jan, Rob Suppers, starts working in the company and after 4 years he takes it over from his father. Throughout the years taxi company had to say goodbye to the gas station and the ambulance service. Rob kept using the company name among which his grandpa and father worked for for years. The new taxi company Suppers from Rob and his wife Marijke focuses mainly on person and parcel transport! 

We have been working for reputable companies for years and hope to continue doing this with pride and passion!!
Wagens ziekenvervoer Taxibedrijf Suppers